Saturday, March 17, 2012

"St. Patrick" - not what you think.

"St. Patrick" - not what you think.
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St. Patrick was no Saint. Those who are truly Irish and who have a deep interest in real Irish culture, wisdom, and history, should reject St. Patrick's day. I have a bloody hell of a lot of Irish dna in me, and I shall not play along.

St. Patrick was no saint. He was a Roman agent sent to destroy Irish culture and wisdom and that is exactly what he did. At the time the Roman Empire desired further extension and the church was threatened by the Gaelic peoples knowledge of the cosmos and natural world. It would be difficult to unite an Empire that had a people within that proximity that held power in opposition to the Roman expansion. You don't need a church and an empire when you have real knowledge. This was a problem. And the conquerors knew that.

Ireland has never had snakes. When you hear the saying, St. Patrick was sent to Ireland to drive out the snakes, that means he was sent there to drive out their knowledge, and that is exactly what he did. Serpents have always been associated with knowledge in nearly all cultures - that is what that means.

I could go on and on, but you should really think for yourself and do your own research, but keep in mind. When you celebrate St. Patrick's day with your green plastic clover buttons, your cancer causing green "food" dyed "beer," you are "thinking" within the box, and not for yourself - and you are certainly not furthering your education on ancient Gaelic history or Irish culture. I ask you to take a stand against commercial idealism and enterprise, and stop abusing and perpetuating Irish stereotypes.

Fada beo an Éirinn fíor!


"What is history but a lie agreed upon?" - Napoleon Bonaparte