Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don Agustin Jaramillo, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Don Agustin Jaramillo, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.
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100 year old Centenarian, Don Agustin Jaramillo, poses for me.
The valley that the town of Vilcabamba occupies is known as, "the valley of eternal youth," or "The valley of longevity." This region of the world holds the world record for the most centenarians per capita. The Vilcabamba area has the most ideal climate in the world. It drops down to 60f every night and gets up to 81.5f every days. With clean air, food, and protection from the Andes mountains it is a most desirable habitat. Fruit hangs from the trees for everyone to pic. The people are beautiful. Not the easiest place to get to. Perhaps it should stay that way.