Monday, July 4, 2011

The serpent and the sun star.

The serpent and the sun star.
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I recently (early June) had a close encounter with a rattlesnake (not my first). I was enjoying a window of sunshine by a creek in one of my favorite places in the world. Rattlesnakes are not aggressive creatures (despite Hollywood portraying them as such), they are like anything else that feels threatened in some way. They react. I was in rattlesnake country. AND I KNEW IT. I did have a tourniquet and what-not just in case, as always - however. I let my guard down. I am to blame. I was in "HIS" territory (we forget that sometimes). How would you react if someone broke into YOUR home?

I have had so many "close calls" in life. I must say, these incidents are no coincidences, nor are they to be feared by either you or your loved ones. They are a necessary element in your development. They happen for reasons. We often let our emotions cloud our judgments, and I am no exception. Emotions, because they do cloud our judgments, they can control us, or let others manipulate us through known emotional reactions - I digress.

So anyways. I was walking on an off trail location in one of the remotest parts of eastern Oregon (and the lower 48 states). There is no cell phone signals and the only radio signals you can pick up are several AM radio stations that play Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck on an endless 24/7 loupe; thank gawd for the freedom of turning it off and embracing the sound of silence! Bottom line; There is no one out there to help you! So, I "always" watch every step I take out there, except this one time. Yup. He was big and threw 2/3rds of his body at me. Dead center and between my legs. My legs somehow managed to go left and right and my pelvic region went backwards and my arms went left and right and I found myself balanced over his body while his spent energy lay right in front and below me; I just about browned my shorts! It felt like some other invisible entity made my body and mind react this fast, I couldn't have, it seems. There is no explanation. If there wasn't an outside force that had power to temporary possession of my physical form I would have fangs and venom somewhere in my being, and that would had been beyond very bad! Whatever the case, I ended up not being harmed and have renewed my carefulness at the same time!

Normally, rattlers such as the great basin species don't get very large in Oregon, but with all the rain we have had there has made more food for them; mice and other unfortunate entities to be found in their swollen bellies and are larger this year than most.

This guy was a magnificent looking creature. As he slithered away he never stopped rattling his tail. It was quite loud and I could hear it for some distance.

Have a happy 4th and don't blow yourselves up with the fireworks!