Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magic and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Magic and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon
Originally uploaded by Douglas Remington (away) Ethereal Light™

So, Tuesday I headed out for a combination of camping, relaxing, and road tripping. I headed out to eastern Oregon to a place special to me, but I never got good light. Just your typical blue sky. Wednesday eve I was able to get a cell signal and checked weather report for the Bend area. Thunderstorms; It's on! Time to pack up and head to Sparks lake. I have got some killer shots from this place before, and so has a lot of other great shooters out there. And it seems that South Sister and Broken-top mountains get the majority of the focus. I never felt however that I got the killer shot of Bachelor, so I focused my attention to the, "great white breast."

I only got maybe an hour of sleep last night, but at 4:20 am I was awoken to distant sounds of thunder. I ran out of my tent, to see these killer thunder clouds building up to the S.W. of Bachelor. I found where I wanted to set up, and just as I got my camera and comp some killer lightning lit off those sweet clouds like the fourth of july before I could capture it! Dammit I thought! Oh well, I knew however, when sunrise comes, those clouds are going to turn into a blissful magic light show. I was not disappointed, and I hope you are not as well. It was a very peaceful and serene setting, and feel to the morning.

I shot some wider views and some really longs exposures to mix it up, however this was my first exposure and my fav thus far.