Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dodge Dart Man (yours truly)

Dodge Dart Man (yours truly)
Originally uploaded by Douglas Remington - Ethereal Light™

I don't usually do selfies (there's a reason why I am BEHIND the camera, LOL!). This is a 74 original Dodge Dart. It has the original Mopar 318 V8. It's for sale. My last Dart was a 70 Swinger that I dropped a 550 horse 440 magnum that I balanced and blueprinted myself. I set it up for road racing, rather than drag racing, and it would suck the headlights out of a new Vette, not to mention out brake and corner! I had to grow up so I sold it on ebay and some dude had it trucked down to Texas. The first time he drove It, it scared the piss out of him, LOL!

I processed this one with a vintage look.

That's my cat squeaky in the background.


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