Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mead Class; buy the drink of love for your loved one this Valentine's day!

Something not about photography. Just thought some of you might wan't to see what else I am up to! :)

I will be conducting a comprehensive Mead class on Saturday February 19 @ 4:00pm PST. The course will be limited to 15 individuals and the cost will be $30.00 each. Included in that price will be a tasting of some fine authentic Meads from around the world. This instruction addresses beginning to very advanced mead making. Expect to stay a couple of hours.

Please, do not bring your homemade Mead for critique. Until the current OLCC ruling pertaining to transportation of homemade alcoholic beverages is changed, we cannot have them on premise. The current law will be changed soon and following that I will be able to evaluate your treasured imbibes - so hang tight! :)

The instructional course will be held at the new mainbrew.com super store off of highway 26. The address is: 23596 Clara Lane, Hillsboro OR, 97124.

To reserve your spot please call 503-648-4254, or email: info@mainbrew.com



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