Monday, November 8, 2010

Wall of light, Sparks lake, Oregon.

Wall of light, Sparks lake, Oregon.
Originally uploaded by Douglas Remington - Ethereal Light™

Sparks lake, day 3 - here comes the light!

So after I took the previous sparks lake post, the sky went dark, and it looked like it was done. With concern of hiking back some distance in the dark, I really wanted to pack it up, but decided to wait longer; experience forces this "suffering" upon a photog, lol! I was up on a cliff made up of sharp lava boulders, and while up there, and out the corner of my eyes I noticed the sky started to turn a bit yellow. I'm wondering, "is there something still to come?" "Ah yes, we have a hint of orange!" And oh boy, in a split second, the sky was lighting up! The position of the light forced me out of my former comp and I had no choice but to scramble down them sharp rocks as quickly as possible and get down to the waters level (and at the same time praying to the powers that be to not let it fizzle out before I got to the lake). I didn't even have time to extend my tripod legs, I was kissing the water and squeezed one off with my 2 stop hard grad.

That's south sister in the back ground. I especially like how parts of the mountain slice the light like a knife.

Next photo, it gets better, stay tuned friends! :)


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