Thursday, November 4, 2010

Magic Hour, Sparks Lake, Oregon

Magic Hour, Sparks Lake, Oregon
Originally uploaded by Douglas Remington - Ethereal Light™

Day 3, Magic hour - Sparks lake

Shortly after I shot the B+W cloud motion photo, the sky started to grey up. I thought my chance of catching some dramatic warm light had passed. Nonetheless, I shot another photo with the 10 stop filter and during the exposure a sweet band of warm narrow light suddenly brushed the basses of South Sister and Broken Top. I had to refrain myself from closing my shutter and removing the filter, and try to take a faster exposure; experience has taught me I may miss everything! So I just kept the shutter open with the hope that I wasn't blowing out the exposure.

30 seconds later (a 64 second exposure overall) I ended the exposure and the light was gone. I immediately checked the new image and was ecstatic with what I found.

Then the sky went total grey and that was that. Or was it???

Stay tuned for the following photos, we are not done yet my friends! :)


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