Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autumn Leopard maple leaf, Oregon

Autumn Leopard maple leaf, Oregon
Originally uploaded by Douglas Remington - Ethereal Light™

Color Sparks lake photos on the way, for now, here's one from a few days ago.
This is a Leopard maple leaf found here on the banks of Gales Creek. One of the coolest leafs I have ever seen 4 sure!

I have heard a lot of people pouting about how it's a bad fall here in the northwest. I have to say, its how you look at it. I know that is obvious and easy to say. But for me it's been one of my most productive. My Autumn Mt. Jefferson photos this year prove that there is pleanty of awe inspiring fall colors out there; sometimes you just can't drive to it, you have to hoof it, really.

I didn't stop my lens down all the way because I wanted the leaf to be the main focus with the s curve of the creek to simply compliment it.

I kinda wished I had used a polarizer here, however it was raining so hard that I didn't feel like running up the slippery muddy bank to go fetch it out of the car; oh well...

There was also a some of distracting twigs in the river scene which I digitally removed. I really like that part. I refuse to do the "chop job" while in nature, but the digital world lets me sleep at night (when I'm not up late processing, lol! :)



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