Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mt. Bachelor, Autumn Alpineglow.

Mt. Bachelor, Autumn Alpineglow.
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Day one, Sparks lake.

Nothing to spectacular here. I have been to Sparks lake several times (twice this year, in fact last visit it rained the whole time; not a sigle photo :(), always missing out on the grand light show. In fact I met a Eugene photographer who has come over 20 times to never see the good light show! I promised myself to stay until it happened this time. The great thing about this trip is that I got to car camp rather than carrying my camera and overnight gear in the wilds. So it gave me time to think, relax, meditate and explore.

The first couple of days, I got nothing but clear skies and no dramatic sunset. It was really cold. The lake would partially freeze at night, than thaw by evening only to repeat. I saw a bear close to my camp while taking a stroll in the moonlight. So I had that on my mind throughout the days and nights.

I pulled off some nice B+W's I'll post in the days to come. One in fact looks kind of spooky, so I'll post that on Halloween.

The third day, I had a hunch that the good show was going to happen, and oh boy did it ever! I am going to post my shots in sequence. This is my first photo which is of Mt. Bachelor with the moonrise and some alpine glow.

Stay tuned for some more later!


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