Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Serenity and Chinese made shutter releases. Mt. Jefferson, Oregon.

Serenity and Chinese made shutter releases. Mt. Jefferson, Oregon.
Originally uploaded by Douglas Remington - Ethereal Light™

Early morning perseverance.

Here's one of my last Jefferson photos for now (I'll post a couple more over the next few days). This photograph I made in the early morning while camping in the Mt. Jefferson wilderness. I had a 10 stop nd filter on and was hand holding a 2 stop hard grad with a remote release with my mirror locked down. All of a sudden my camera was frozen. Nothing would work. I could not trigger the shutter. I played with all my settings to no avail. I thought, "wow maybe this is my first memory card failure." So I ran like a gazelle to my camp grabbed a fresh memory card. Nothing, same thing. So now I'm grabbing at straws thinking that somehow my new 25 megapixel camera was in effect a boat anchor at this point. The light was changing fast and I was getting bummed. So as I went to take everything down and pack it up, I noticed after I unplugged my remote shutter release, "the beast" came back to life! Now what? I have to take an 144 second exposure with my frozen little fingers on the camera and hold a nd grad on it at the same time - and not breath at all, all the way through the exposure to avoid shaking the camera. I had to invoke my previous experiences as a marksman and former x-ray and MRI patient - which means, do not breath or move for way longer than humanly possible! So I changed from a hard, to soft grad, and after I pulled it away at the end of the exposure (with my frozen paws) I looked at the instant gratification on the back of my camera. I then zoomed in everywhere to see if I messed it up. Somehow, I lucked out, and here you have it. Nothing too special, but kind of pretty and serene. Left this one a bit dark and moody.

Lesson: Do not use cheap Chinese made shutter releases when important business is to be conducted! ;)

F16 @16mm. Bit of a vignette was added to pull the eyes in.


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