Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ghastly contrails in special places wilderness rant.

Ghastly contrails in special places wilderness rant.
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Here's my rant about wilderness. I don't know if it legal or not, but like many of you I sure get sick of all the air traffic over sacred places. Mt. Jefferson and the three sisters wilderness are obvious popular flight paths. It's nearly impossible to get photo with the sky without contrails. I'm thinking about raising hell with congress on this (feel free to join me). I doubt a few photographers have little power to change FAA policy however.

On another note.

I like dogs, and think they have a place out in the woods. But I have to tell you, it seems like everyone brings them up here to the very fragile Jefferson park. I thought it was illegal to do so, but I must be mistaken. There is restoration attempts going on out here, but apparently it's ok for dogs to tear up the fragile ecosystem while digging after ground squirrels and what not. I can't tell out how many dog turds I stepped over as well. Can't tell you how frustrated I was trying to get some solitude in this heavenly place when all the dogs are just barking all the time. I really prefer to hear coyotes and not domestic dogs in places like this. Please people, in special areas like this, please consider leaving Fido at home. This is a true wilderness.

I will post some pretty non contrail shots later :)


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