Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christ Church cathedral, Christ Church, New Zealand Aotearo

Christ Church cathedral, Christ Church, New Zealand Aotearo
Originally uploaded by Douglas Remington - Ethereal Light™

Here's an HDR I did a year and a half ago. I only have a couple HDR's I will show. I don't care much for them usually. But this scene is pretty cool as an hdr.

MOST (not all) people in my opinion don't know how to do them right. Usually they look really cheesy, giant halos, crazy colors, cartoon looking, soft. Many Flickr shooters use them and don't mention that they are HDR's and people somehow think they are some kind of alchemist. I think many of them are ruining their best work.

For those who don't know, HDR's technically are images that have an expanded dynamic range from blending multiple images or parts of the images via a program like exposure fusion, Photoshop, or photomatix. Some people actually believe exposure fusion is NOT hdr; that is not the case.

I feel if one has to expand the dynamic range, then manual by hand blending gives a far more natural look. Naturally this is labor intesive and that is why these automated programs are popular. Rarely will I have to do this if I get the right exposure, or using a neutral grad for example will hold down a bright sky and you won't have to do the multiple exposure thing.

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