Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ethereal Ebb and Flow

So I just returned from a trip in California. The link above is the first image I made on the trip. Ellie and I took hwy 199 from Grants Pass Oregon to crescent city. Once we got to 101 the gray sky opened up to some amazing light. I rushed to find a way to get to the beach. We found a spot behind a hotel and I grabbed my gear and rushed out to the water's edge. I set up with an ultra wide angle lens to get an intimate view of the foreground which really captured the texture of the water rushing back to the sea. This image really lived up to the word, Ethereal. This was my best landscape of the trip (I made some nice portraits of my friends, Tom and Lea, however). Usually one has to travel for a while to get the shot of the trip. In this case I got it done first. Phew, what a relief!